9flats Reviews: Payment Problems?

Posted by Jess Ashworth on 9/27/16 3:00 PM

9flats is a peer-to-peer online listing site for vacation rentals, whose close competitors are the likes of HomeAway and Airbnb.

In recent weeks, we’ve noticed there’s been a lack of activity across 9flats’ Twitter, a removal of the review feature on their Facebook page and a huge surge in the number of negative reviews on their TrustPilot page.

So what exactly is going on?

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Access All Areas: Why You Should Adapt Your Property for Disabled Travelers

Posted by Guest Author on 9/26/16 10:00 AM

As the disabled founder of Accomable, the ‘Airbnb’ for anyone with a mobility issue – of course, I’d naturally recommend any vacation rental owner adapt their property for wheelchair users. I speak for myself, too, when I say our customers would love to stay with you!

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Join Our Vacation Rental Twitter Chat about Facebook Marketing!

Posted by Carla Chicharro on 9/22/16 5:00 PM

Although 60% of our users already have a Facebook page, a lot of vacation rental owners are still skeptical about using Facebook to promote their properties. But how can you integrate this social network to your marketing strategy? Let's chat about it on Twitter! 

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Free eBook: The Vacation Rental Marketing Guide to Facebook

Posted by Jess Ashworth on 9/22/16 11:30 AM

In June 2016, Facebook – the second largest website on the internet  hit a huge milestone: more than one billion people used the social networking site in one day.

With recent trends having shown a tendency towards using social media to plan, book and review their vacations, this ultimately leads to one conclusion: vacation rental owners need to be present on Facebook in order to capture more bookings.

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Use Autoresponders and Enhance Your Vacation Rental Guest Experience

Posted by Naveen Sharma on 9/21/16 1:00 PM

In the last few years, delivering an outstanding customer experience has been a main focus point for many businesses and industries. CX is not a new concept in the vacation rental industry, though.

We take a look at how using email autoresponders can truly enhance the guest experience and gain more bookings, all the while saving VR owners and managers a lot of time and effort. 

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Why Vacation Rental Owners Shouldn’t Fully Rely on Listing Sites

Posted by Jess Ashworth on 9/20/16 11:30 AM

In recent years, Airbnb, HomeAway and many other listing sites have grown to become important sources of business for vacation property owners. But whether you have just one vacation rental or a whole portfolio of properties, relying exclusively on these sites for all of your bookings is never a great idea.

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Be Innovative or Your VR Brand Will Perish – Q&A with Antonio Bortolotti

Posted by Jess Ashworth on 9/19/16 11:05 AM

Ahead of the upcoming first live edition of the Vacation Rental World Summit, which is being held in Barcelona on 29th-30th October 2016, we were lucky enough to chat to its host and keynote speaker, Antonio Bortolotti. In this Q&A, Bortolotti reveals insider information about the event, what attendees can expect and his own predictions for the future of the vacation rental industry.

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The Beginner's Guide to Vacation Rental Online Marketing

Posted by Jess Ashworth on 9/16/16 10:25 AM

Vacation rental owners: by now, you’re probably fed up of articles appearing in front of you that promise to help you transform your business in one way or another. You want to enjoy reading these pieces, but there’s always a lot of jargon and terminology you don’t really understand.

Good news! We’re here to help.

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Don't Make These 3 Costly Mistakes When Listing Your Vacation Rental

Posted by Guest Author on 9/14/16 3:43 PM

In the competitive vacation rental market, it can be tough to make sure your property stands out from the crowd. At Owner Direct Vacation Rentals, we are constantly surrounded by thousands of VR property listings, and there’s no doubt that after a while trends definitely start to emerge. 

So what’s our biggest piece of advice?

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7 Ways to Respond to a Negative Review of Your Vacation Rental

Posted by Diana Eastman on 9/12/16 11:24 AM

When guests have saved money for a while in the run up to a vacation and their dream trip becomes anything less than perfect, they’re likely to make noise about it. Whatever the matter, a negative review is a negative review, and they’re never fun or easy to read as a vacation rental owner.

Unfortunately, bad reviews can happen, even when you think you’ve done your best. But what can you do to rectify the situation? We break down the steps you can take to handle bad reviews professionally and practically.

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Lodgify is a vacation rental software solution that allows vacation rental owners and managers to easily create their own accommodation website and accept online bookings. Owners can manage all reservations from one place and synchronize property data with their booking channels. Lodgify’s vision is to empower hospitality businesses with technology and help them become less dependent on commission-based listing sites. Launched in 2013, Lodgify is a Barcelona-based travel technology company that develops innovative software for the hospitality industry.



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